Polly Money @Three Wise Monkeys 17th March 2016

Polly Money @Three Wise Monkeys 17th March 2016

Polly Money was a joy to watch and I’m sure the audience at Three Wise Monkeys on March the 17th would agree.



Polly is truly a talented artist, with a unique soulful voice and a range of original material that she performs with equal skill on both acoustic and electric guitar, as well as e-piano.

Polly’s presence was truly captivating – smiling through each song and making eye contact with the audience – winning new fans for sure.
It was her first time performing in Colchester and what a performance it was! Switching from up-tempo to slower numbers, and quite possibly the most unique cover of ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ you’ll ever hear.

A big thank you to Sammy, manager of Three Wise Monkeys and all her team.

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