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Nomakhosi live at 3WM, 18th August 2016

It's not often an audience are instantly engaged from the very first note, but it was a joy to witness this at Nomakhosi's performance at Three wise Monkeys in Colchester on the evening of 18th August. South African, Nomakhosi has a voice filled with jazz and soulful spirit that effortlessly glides over every note she sings. Her delivery is faultless and her charm is enchanting. Her guitarist, Patrick Ball compliments Nomakhosi perfectly and most professionally. We were treated with stylish covers and originals plus a surprise duet with Jade MayJean, a good friend of Nomakhosi's who was called up from the audience. I'd like to also mention the courage and professionalism of Nomakhosi, who sang despite having broken her leg and feeling under the weather, not that it effected her performance one iota. A big thank you to Nomakhosi and Patrick for coming down from London to entertain us, and to all that came to support this event.

Reb Capper live at 3WM, 11th August 2016

It's difficult to write something about Reb Capper without using so many adjectives to describe her and her music. So I'm going to fail miserably and say that Reb is original, creative, enchanting, whimsical, quirky, off-the-wall, versatile, funny and extremely entertaining. However, Reb describes her music as "Songs with a little mist... and kissed with pixie dust…" And that pretty much sums it up! Reb Capper who sings, plays piano, accordion and ukelele, brought her talents to Colchester last night, playing at the Three Wise Monkeys. Accompanied by Steve Mann on bass, Kev Walford on acoustic guitar and Greame Tunnock on drums, Reb transported her audience on an eclectic journey of light and dark songs of her own writings. Every song performed was nothing short of excellent, even down to a cover of Madness's 'Our House', which had the Reb Capper 'slant'. The soon to be released, 'Give It All' and 'Life is Hard' were pieces definitely worth framing.

Albion Mills - 7th July 2016

If you were around in the late sixties/early seventies you would have experienced something new and fresh; music that hadn't been played or heard before. Albion Mills formed to remind us of this 'golden age' of pop and rock music, paying homage to such bands as The Beatles, Cream, The Small Faces and Pink Floyd to name a few. There are so many bands that cover the classics, but you would be hard pushed to find one that does it with the integrity of Albion Mills. They've done their homework, they love the music and since their mission is to “remind us all just how freakin’ great that period was”, it's exactly what they did last night at The Three Wise Monkeys in Colchester. With great vocals, tight harmonies, intricate guitar solos and excellent musicianship all round; the four recreated, with authenticity and passion the sounds of 1966-1974. A big thanks to the band: James MacRae, Bass and Lead Vocals Ian Fitch, Lead Guitar and vocals Karl Mallett, Rhythm Guitar and Vocals Simon Green, Drums

Charlie Law - 23rd June 2016

What's great about Charlie Law is his instant appeal. His appearance before his audience emanates fun, warmth and affection. And that's even before he plays a note! Charlie is the full singer songwriter package, his original lyrics vary from song to song. Some are humorous, some are thought provoking and his cover versions carry his own mark. Along with supreme guitar playing, Charlie Law brought these unique and fresh stylings to the ground floor of Three Wise Monkeys in Colchester last Thursday evening. He entertained us with songs about life, love, happiness and camper vans! He engaged us 'on stage' and after two encores, 'off stage'. While it rained outside (and man did it rain!), Charlie Law was a ray of sunshine!

Tim Lee - 9th June 2016

Tim Lee brought the Blues! When Tim Lee plays his guitar it's nothing short of amazing. If you were at Three Wise Monkeys last night, you'd know what I'm talking about. Tim's been playing the blues for 25 years and it shows. He's the genuine article. Tim Lee, accompanied by Ronnie Hatt on bass and Stephen MacLachlan on drums, effortlessly glided through a set of soul, funk and of course, the Blues. With his cool vocals, superior musicianship and enthralling solos, Tim Lee made this Thursday evening in Colchester the place to be!

Polar Collective - 28th May 2016

Polar Collective @ The Oak Café It was a joy to have Polar Collective play at the the Grand Opening of the newly renovated Oak Café in Ipswich today. On this occasion, the band played an acoustic set, in contrast to their full 'Polar Experience'. Nevertheless, they performed with the usual energy and enthusiasm that fans of Polar Collective come to know and love. Polar Collective played to a full house of all ages. With original songs plus their 'own-styled' covers they ended with a 'crowd pleasing' version of 'I'm a Believer' for the encore. Formally the Royal Oak Pub, the newly renovated Oak Café has been transformed into a unique environment with a great community atmosphere.

Jade MayJean - 1st May 2016

Jade MayJean never fails to deliver… Accompanied this early Sunday evening by the graceful tones of Kayzee on keys, Jade’s soulful, pop and jazzy vocals sounded as strong as ever. Singing a selection of covers and originals to a full house, Jade was a real treat for the clientele at Colchester’s Three Wise Monkeys. Jade MayJean is a local gem to be treasured.

Kal Lavelle - 21st April 2016

This was at Three Wise Monkeys’ venue, in Colchester! It’s always great to see fans of an artist turn up from different destinations to a gig. Kal Lavelle has an established fan base and many of them were at Three Wise Monkeys in Colchester, to show their support. Locals were also captivated (for the first time) by Kal’s original repertoire. She sings about heartbreak, stalkers, love and lust… songs often drawn from her own experiences. Kal is both open and humorous in her performances and demonstrated this to a full house last night. One of the many highlights was an intimate and totally unplugged rendition of her track ‘Shivers’.

Anna Pancaldi - 21st April 2016

Supporting Kal Lavelle was another talented songstress, Anna Pancaldi who also joined Kal on stage to perform a duet. Anna, who is originally from Colchester, is making her mark in the music world having recently released her debut EP entitled ‘Dear Joey,’.

Polar Collective - 7th April 2016

Original, vibrant, exciting. 3 words that capture the essence of Polar Collective on stage. Polar Collective are four young musicians/singers with a line up consisting of Jake, lead singer; Adam, guitar; Gryph, drums; Ally, saxophone (replacing the traditional lead guitar). This produces a unique sound which is accompanied by sound effects and bass. Last night, the band showcased their talents with a selection of up-beat original tracks and their own take on a few covers. With exhuberence and plenty of humour, (between themselves and the audience), Polar Collective made for excellent entertainment at Colchester’s exceptional venue, Three Wise Monkeys.

Polly Money - 17th March 2016

Polly is truly a talented artist, with a unique soulful voice and a range of original material that she performs with equal skill on both acoustic and electric guitar, as well as e-piano. Polly’s presence was truly captivating – smiling through each song and making eye contact with the audience – winning new fans for sure. It was her first time performing in Colchester and what a performance it was at 'Three Wise Monkeys'! Switching from up-tempo to slower numbers, and quite possibly the most unique cover of ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ you’ll ever hear.

Ashton Jones Quartet - 3rd March 2016

Ashton Jones Soul Funk Quartet opened my line up of live shows at Three Wise Monkeys in Colchester. Three Wise Monkeys is an extremely accommodating place providing a warm welcome to all. The atmosphere suits live music perfectly extending to the professional sound system. I’m always slightly apprehensive before any event begins, but as soon as Ashton hit the first note and I saw the reaction of the audience, I knew that this evening would be a success, and it was! Ashton and his trio of excellent musicians, performing a blend of soul and funk had the crowd dancing and singing along. Caught up in the atmosphere, I lost track of how many encores there were.


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