Aged Teen – An Italian Alternative

Aged Teen – An Italian Alternative

Aged Teen is an Italian alternative/acoustic rock project based in Naples. Dario Guarino is the creator of the ‘project’ and is also the singer in the alternative/metal band ‘Nameless Crime’). After a few demos, Dario self-released ‘This is not an exit’ (EP, 2012) with a band. Despite not being officially published by any label, the EP received good reviews and all its six tracks are still played by many internet radios.

In 2012 ‘Self-Doubt’ was selected by Italian label Toten Schwan for their compilation ‘T W O’.


In 2013 Dario stripped back his music for an acoustic sound, recording new songs and playing live solo shows.

Between 2014 and 2015 the Video EP ‘Altered Images’ was released: Dario shot a video for all four tracks, posting them directly on YouTube.

In September 2015 a new video was uploaded on YouTube for the new track ‘4,7%’ with a piano arrangement replacing the acoustic guitars.

In October 2015 New York label Factory Fast Records released a compilation called “We Roll Alone”, featuring Aged Teen’s ‘Night (Who Are You?)’.

In April 2016 ‘Plastic Wrapped Passenger’s Seat’ was chosen for ‘Come on Boogie’, again by Factory Fast Records.




A new EP called ‘Plaster’ was recorded in the Summer of 2016 and will soon to be released, while Aged Teen’s already working on 8 brand new songs for his first full-length release.