Albion Mills, ‘Come together’ at Three Wise Monkeys!

Albion Mills, ‘Come together’ at Three Wise Monkeys!

If you were around in the late sixties/early seventies you would have experienced something new and fresh;… music that hadn’t been played or heard before. Albion Mills formed to remind us of this ‘golden age’ of pop and rock music, paying homage to such bands as The Beatles, Cream, The Small Faces and Pink Floyd to name a few.

There are so many bands that cover the classics, but you would be hard pushed to find one that does it with the integrity of Albion Mills. They’ve done their homework, they love the music and since their mission is to “remind us all just how freakin’ great that period was”, it’s exactly what they did last night in Colchester.

With great vocals, tight harmonies, intricate guitar solos and excellent musicianship all round; the four recreated, with authenticity and passion the sounds of 1966-1974.


A big thanks to the band:

James MacRae, Bass and Lead Vocals

Ian Fitch, Lead Guitar and vocals

Karl Mallett, Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Simon Green, Drums