Charlie Law… Love, happiness and camper vans!

Charlie Law… Love, happiness and camper vans!

What’s great about Charlie Law is his instant appeal. His appearance before his audience… emanates fun, warmth and affection. And that’s even before he plays a note!


Charlie is the full singer songwriter package, his original lyrics vary from song to song. Some are humorous, some are thought provoking and his cover versions carry his own mark.

Along with supreme guitar playing, Charlie Law brought these unique and fresh stylings

to Colchester last Thursday evening.

He entertained us with songs about life, love, happiness and camper vans!  He engaged us ‘on stage’ and after two encores, ‘off stage’.

While it rained outside (and man did it rain!), Charlie Law was a ray of sunshine!


More info about Charlie Law on my ‘Artists’ page!