Charlie Law’s new single ‘My Black Dog’

Charlie Law’s new single ‘My Black Dog’

Charlie Law has just released his new single ‘My Black Dog’…

Here’s what Charlie has to say about it:

“I’ve been unsure of how to put this song out, as it’s mental health awareness week I thought I’d just share my story about why I wrote it.

Despite my upbeat, often comical personality, I wrote ‘My Black Dog’ from a really miserable place. After moving back home from uni I was diagnosed with mild depression, my life felt empty and I was very argumentative at home.

But it is a song of hope. I wrote it one night sitting at a piano, feeling very depressed. I stumbled upon a hopeful melody and chord sequence, which became ‘My Black Dog’. It brought out the hope in me, and the feeling that if I just carried on, one day life would feel worth living again. The ‘Black Dog’ was a metaphor for my depression.

I clung onto that hope and it sparked a change in me le viagra france. I exercised lots, improved my diet and built good relationships with decent people. Slowly I started to feel better.

Two years on from writing ‘My Black Dog’ I am so grateful for every day. I still feel the everyday highs and lows we all feel, but they come and go quickly.

I wanted to share my experience as I know lots of people who have been affected by a similar thing. I hope you know that you are not alone feeling like this.”

For more information about mental health and support for residents in England and Wales, check out the amazing people at Mind:

‘My Black Dog’ was recorded at Laffitts Hall, and mastered by Pete Maher at The track was written, performed and mixed by myself. ‘My Black Dog’ will be available to own on my next EP. The artwork photo was taken by Kerry Rushworth.

Charlie will be performing at Three Wise Monkeys in Colchester very soon.
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