Elephant In The Room debut Album

Elephant In The Room debut Album

“The debut album ‘Songs about…’, by Elephant in the Room was launched in March 2016

To give it its full title, it is ‘Songs about… Windmills, the sea, love, positivity, helplessness, self-belief, childhood dreams, evolving and psycho killers’ – It does what it says on the tin!

All proceeds from album sales go to Leestock Music Festival; a superb charity event. The festival was instrumental in getting the band started!

An acoustic trio based in Suffolk, Elephant in the Room is the evolution of the musings of Carl Scott. Having played bass in a prog rock band yonks ago before deciding to start messing around with six strings and writing songs! The band is completed by the intricate harmonies of Fern Teather and the driving percussion of Sam Thurlow, playing original material written by Carl.

Genre? Hmm. Acoustic, singer/ songwriter, a little bit folky, kinda rocky and very melodic.

Formed in 2013, with our debut EP ‘Roomers’selling’ very well online and at gigs across East Anglia & London at loads of great venues, including festivals & live radio sessions.

And now with the debut album out, the world is but an oyster!”

Hear us on Soundcloud: http://tinyurl.com/hcjjf6t

See us on Youtube: http://tinyurl.com/j9fyuhq