Gion Stump & The Lighthouse Project’s new album soon!

Gion Stump & The Lighthouse Project’s new album soon!

Gion Stump & The Lighthouse Project’s new album “HOLY DARKNESS” will be out soon!

“Imagine stepping into a dark room armed with a flashlight. You can only see one glimpse at a time. But the more you return to this room, the more you understand it as a whole – as a Holy Darkness.
All the songs were written at night, while entering my creative world through the medium of dreams. I found a world that has no limits whatsoever. A world that is dark, painful and full of mystery. A world that has revealed more about myself than the real world I live in every day.”




Gion Stump often wakes up in the early hours and in a state of delirium, he writes several pages of the thoughts and images from his dreams. As soon as he’s finished he falls back to sleep. By morning he remembers that he had written something, but couldn’t tell you what it is. However, as soon as he reads the pages, the images from his subconscious return. Based on these pages and images, he writes songs. Gion thinks that our minds hide a lot of things (feelings, impressions,…) in order to protect us. But at night, through dreams, these “hidden treasures” are revealed to him. The more he gets to see these dark places (death‘ for example), the less he fears them.




“My creative world is a place I would not want to enter on purpose. It’s out of my control, for nothing under the surface is in my control. We can conquer the seas and sail the oceans, but we cannot settle on the sea bed.” 

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