Reb Capper Gives It All!

Reb Capper Gives It All!

It’s difficult to write something about Reb Capper without using so many adjectives to… describe her and her music. So I’m going to fail miserably and say that Reb is original, creative, enchanting, whimsical, quirky, off-the-wall, versatile, funny and extremely entertaining. However, Reb describes her music as “Songs with a little mist… and kissed with pixie dust…” And that pretty much sums it up!


Reb Capper who sings, plays piano, accordion and ukelele, brought her talents to Colchester last night. 

Accompanied by Steve Mann on bass, Kev Walford on acoustic guitar and Greame Tunnock on drums, Reb transported her audience on an eclectic journey of light and dark songs of her own writings.  Every song performed was nothing short of excellent, even down to a cover of Madness’s ‘Our House’, which had the Reb Capper ‘slant’.

The soon to be released, ‘Give It All’  and ‘Life is Hard’ were pieces definitely worth framing.

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