The Ashton Jones Project… Hard work & dedication behind the scenes!

The Ashton Jones Project… Hard work & dedication behind the scenes!

The Ashton Jones Project is the perfect remedy for those who forgot how to smile, dance, be happy and get funky!

As I opened the door to discover the set, the magic atmosphere, totally matching The Ashton Jones Project vibes and music impressed me more than I was expecting.


Imagine a room, an incredible stellar room set up by Grade A Productions crew.

All lights placed and shining to make it look like an infinite starry sky.

A sign without a doubt.

This was the beginning of an evening I will not soon forget.

Ashton Jones, band leader and manager, is meticulous, extremely professional and highly talented. The interaction with his band is strong.

The unity within the 9-piece band, the knowledge and respect they have for each other, the fact that they are all professionals and dedicated to their music make for perfect results.

I don’t want to say too much before the video release, but be certain to put on your dancing shoes and be ready to get down and sing along because The Ashton Jones Project promises to strike it big time!

Without forgetting that smiling, enjoying what they play and spreading good vibes are the keys, The Ashton Jones Project mixes talent and joy without effort.

Their brand-new Funk & Soul single, “Hard Work – Dedication” will be released 28th June and will be available on all platforms. Check out the website

On the road to a European Tour in 2020, to be announced later this year, be sure to check out where and when, and to book your seat – even if you will not use it, being too occupied to follow the rhythm!

The Ashton Jones Project:

Ashton Jones, Andy Brush, Matt Carter, Harry Greene, Ryan Jason, Trevor Jones, Henry Lawry, Aaron O’Connor, Craig Rogers.

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Photography: Lewis Gant ©