The Gem that is Nomakhosi

The Gem that is Nomakhosi

It’s not often an audience are instantly engaged from the very first note, but it was a joy… to witness this at Nomakhosi’s performance at Three wise Monkeys in Colchester on the evening of 18th August.

“Aint no one should be sittin’ cosy when Nomakhosi’s around” 


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South African, Nomakhosi has a voice filled with jazz and soulful spirit that effortlessly glides over every note she sings. Her delivery is faultless and her charm is enchanting.

Her guitarist, Patrick Ball compliments Nomakhosi perfectly and most professionally.

We were treated with stylish covers and originals plus a surprise duet with Jade MayJean, a good friend of Nomakhosi’s who was called up from the audience.

I’d like to also mention the courage and professionalism of Nomakhosi, who sang despite having broken her leg and feeling under the weather, not that it effected her performance one iota.

A big thank you to Nomakhosi and Patrick for coming down from London to entertain us, and to all that came to support this event.

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